Will my purchase help solve an ethical, environmental or economic problem? Print

This is fundamentally an ethical proposal that calls into question a model of extraction that destroys ecosystems, cultures and other models of production and consumption.

At the international level, it confronts the heart of the problem: oil. At the national level, it contributes to recovering a sense of ownership over Yasuní National Park, its people, its biodiversity…

The North must reduce its energy consumption, because the entire planet is headed for the brink of collapse. The solutions proposed are a reduction in energy consumption and shifting to new sources of energy. But it must be kept in mind that oil, for many countries, and especially countries of the South, is not only a source of energy, but also a source of hard currency.

Factors like the high price of technology due to intellectual property rights, the suffocating burden of foreign debt, the “free trade” flow of subsidized products from the North to the South, and a historic model of plunder have led these impoverished countries to adapt their economies to a dependence on foreign currency.

The solution to climate change must address not only the prevailing energy model, but also the prevailing economic model.