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Yasuní National Park

The Yasuní-ITT Initiative: Oil Development and Alternative Forms of Wealth Making in the Ecuadorian PDF Print E-mail

The design of economic instruments for the protection of ecological wealth in Latin

American countries poor in financial capital, but rich in biological diversity poses

very specific challenges. This article examines some of the interests, claims,

discourses and values of a range of social actors (government officials, business

leaders, international development planners, intellectuals, indigenous representatives,

and activists) involved in defining the future economic use of the Yasuní National

Park, a Biosphere Reserve for Humanity located in the Amazonian Region of

Ecuador, a small oil-producing country in Latin America. Two alternative

Ecuador's Yasuni-ITT Initiative: Avoiding emissions by keeping PDF Print E-mail
a b s t r a c t

As large petroleum reserves were confirmed in the Yasuni National Park of Ecuador, one of the most

biodiverse hotspots in the Amazonian region and the world, Ecuador has proposed indefinitely keeping

almost a billion barrels of petroleum underground, if the international community contributes with at least

half of the opportunity cost of exploiting the petroleum. An internationally administrated fund with UN

participation will be created and invested exclusively in conservation, renewable energy and social

development. The proposal has already received significant support from international institutions,

European governments, NGOs and personalities worldwide.

Yasuni Biodiversity Center PDF Print E-mail



Scientists release map for United Nations events, showing Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park is most biodiverse zone in Western Hemisphere

PRESS RELEASE: September 21, 2011
This week, an international team of scientists is releasing a striking new biodiversity map in support of the last big push for Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT Initiative at the UN General Assembly. “We wanted to show world leaders at the UN just how special Yasuní is,” said Dr. Matt Finer,
one of the scientists behind the map.

Yasuní National Park PDF Print E-mail

yasuni-pl-gAccording to scientific studies, Yasuní National Park, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon region in the provinces of Orellana and Pastaza, is the most biologically diverse region in the world.

On 20 November 1979 Yasuní was declared a National Park, in recognition of the fact that it contains great natural wealth that must be preserved.

Huaorani Territory PDF Print E-mail

The territory of the Huaorani people traditionally covered an area of approximately two million hectares, between the right bank of the Napo River and the left bank of the Curaray River. They maintained their independence and defended their territory through acts of warfare. Ongoing contact with the outside world did not begin until 1958, with the establishment of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) by US missionaries.