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Yasuní the game





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What is the environmental cost of each barrel? PDF Print E-mail

The Ishpingo-Tiputini-Tambococha (ITT) oil fields in Yasuní National Park are estimated to contain roughly the same amount of oil that is consumed worldwide in just under 12 days.

A total of 130 wells would be drilled, and this drilling in itself would create the equivalent of 13,000 five-cubic-metre dump-truck loads of toxic solid waste as well as over 65,000 loads of toxic liquid waste. 

But these figures only refer to the effects of drilling the wells. Once the wells are in operation, the crude oil extracted will be accompanied by toxic “produced water”. For every barrel of oil brought to the surface, nine barrels of toxic water are produced. This means that 1.5 million Olympic-size swimming pools full of toxic water will be spilled in the natural paradise of Yasuní National Park.