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Statement on the Initiation of Oil Exploitation in the Yasuní-ITT PDF Print E-mail


1st of April of 2016

In the whole world, a big movement of resistance (www.breakfree2016.org) is rising. It seeks to confront in a real way the imminent danger that represents climate change. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) itself, in one of its latest reports, had recommended the governments of the world to keep at least 80% of the worldwide known reserves of fossil fuels in the ground to try to stabilize the global increase of temperatures and avoid to put in peril the existence of, among others, our own species. Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian government and President Rafael Correa keep on arguing that "the world has failed us".

On Monday, 28th of March, Ecuador received regrettable news, it seemed like stupidity; arrogance; and absurdity have prevailed over common sense; over our responsibility for the future and over our very instinct of survival. The Ministry of Strategic Sectors has "proudly" announced that the drilling of the first production well in the ITT block has been initiated.

Although we all know there is no valid reason to exploit the Yasuní, the President´s argument was that the money obtained by selling this oil would be used to lift Ecuador out of poverty.

In times of economic crisis, political weakness and of decreasing credibility of the government, several doubts emerge on the subject:

Why the urgency to exploit the Yasuní-ITT in a tough oil market?

Why is there no transparency concerning the sale agreements with China and therefore, on the debt that Ecuador will be left with?

What will be the cost of extraction per barrel?

How will the government manage to lift the country out of poverty with such low oil prices?

What kind of advanced technology will they use to exploit the ITT and how will they guarantee the protection of the most biodiverse place on Earth when Petroamazonas did not even manage a responsible exploitation in Pacayaku (http://bit.ly/1PIg0Nh)?

And maybe the most important:

How will they avoid an imminent genocide of the Tagaeri and Taromenane peoples if they haven´t even succeeded to prevent violent encounters in the area of Campo Armadillo?

Mr. President, Ecuador is expecting answers and we, the youth of this country, are tired of so many lies.

Stop the exploitation of the Yasuní now, while there's still time, or you will not only be judged by History...