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Declaratory from the Group of YASuidos, in defense of the Yasuni National Park PDF Print E-mail
Quito, 7 y 8 de septiembre de 2013

Different groups, organizations and persons from all over Ecuador has gathered to articulate the following declaration concerning the defense of Yasuni, human rights and life itself:

• We consider extractivism, as the pratical form of the capitalist system, to generate inequality, poverty and destruction of society as well as the devastation of the environment, especially of megadiverse places where you intend to carry out the explotation of non-renewable resources.

• We believe in Sumak Kawsay as the model for a dignified, harmonic and fair life: The true "Good Living" ("Buen Vivir") cannot contemplate the depredation of nature nor the life of human beings.

• We believe that the new forms of capital accumulation to sustain social inequality in which the elite (locals and internationals) seek to benefit from the so called natural resources in places that had not been exploited which is the reason why this type of accumulation is both residuary and terminal. Because of this, our struggle is projected as an alternative to the extractive bourgeois model.

• We understand that the exploitation of Yasuni is the result of a broader set of extractivist policies formed by the government and which is embodied in measures like: the 6th oil round, the expansion of large-scale mining, the introduction to transgenics, the elaboration of a agro-industrial model og monoculture etc.

• Therefore, we believe in the initiative to keep the oil underground in Yasuni - ITT and believe it to be a national and international symbol that represents the first step in moving toward post-extractive models and toward other socially just and ecologically sustainable ways of life.

• We insist that the depletion of fossil resources in both Ecuador and globally is an imminent reality which is why a transition to post-extractivism is not only a desirable option but also an inevitable way.

• We are aware of the fact that there is no "responsible" oil explotation that does not generate significant environmental impact, especially after having witnessed forty years of pollution and depredation of our Amazon.

• We oppose any activity that violates the human rights and the rights of nature guaranteed in the Articles 10, 11, 57, 71, 72, 73, 74 of the Ecuadorian Constitution. This means activities that threaten the life of flora, fauna, and existing communities in the area, especially if it comes to peoples in voluntary isolation.

• We defend the multinational identity, the indigenous cosmovisions as well as the natural, cultural and genetic heritage. We reject the model of post-neoliberal development based on the idea of capitalist and patriarchal progress. Also we are committed to recover a balanced and harmonious relationship between nature and human beings, and between the urban and rural areas.

• We women declare our resistance to the extractivist model which directly affects our bodies and lives, as we, historically speaken, have been mostly affected by the consequences of the extractive activities through violence, exclusion and dispossession that these have generated.

• We do not agree with the false belief that extractivism resolves the problems of poverty since this is not a matter of lack of resources but instead the distribution of them. There are sustainable and viable economic alternatives to oil exploitation that deserve to be discussed in public.

• As an independent, democratic and inclusive movement diverse in nature we seek to take our message to all sectors of the population in a peacefull manner. We reject all forms of violence, the criminalizacion of social protest and the violation of our constitutional rights like education, organization and resistance.

• With all the precedent, protected by the Article 104 of the Ecuadorian Constitution, and considering that the exploitation of the Yasuni - ITT is of national interest, we call for the realization of a referendum NOW!